Up Balloon Coffee Table by Duffy London

    The UP Balloon Table is a playful trompe l’oeil, giving the impression of a glass table top being suspended by red, gold and silver ballo...

    Floppy Disk Sticky Note

    A pack of 3 sticky note pads, perfectly replicating the original 3.5" floppy disks of the 80's and 90's.

    Carnal Infinity by Urte Janus and Ruta Pu

    Carnal Infinity is an exploration of never ending self exposing, narcissism and love for physical body, widely explored in social network...

    Sunny: Furniture Design by Dmitry Kozinenko

    Sunny is a metal furniture collection designed by Dmitry Kozinenko that imitates a sharp shadow at bright sunny day.

    Photorealistic Paintings by Mike Dargas

    German artist Mike Dargas creates picture of people, painted realistically in oil on canvas.

    Still-life Paintings by Scott Fraser

    Scott Fraser’s quirky, witty, innovative, and surreal still-life paintings.

    Surrealistic Self-portraits by Gilbert Garcin

    Gilbert Garcin creates minimalist and surrealistic images that are striking in their symbolic power and their skillful blend of humor and...

    Paper Collage on Panel by Lola Dupré

    Super talented collage artist Lola Dupré has updated her portfolio with some new paper collages on panel.

    Leather Chesterfield Car by Olaf Mooij

    The Chesterfieldcar is a car created by Olaf Mooijthat has an exterior like a Chesterfield sofa, coated with foam and is covered with lea...

    Life-size Truck Sculpture by Valay Shende

    Life-size truck sculpture by Valay Shende, made out of thousands of small shiny metal discs.
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