Typewritten Portraits by Alvaro Franca

    Typewritten Portraits is an experimental art project created by ┴lvaro Franca for creating grayscale images on a typewriter.

    Public Gothic Font Family

    Industrial, vintage, condensed, and bold font family Public Gothic designed by Mehmet G÷zetlik.

    Deitch Projects: Live the Art Book

    Deitch Projects: Live the Art Book is created by Stefan Sagmeister from Sagmeister&Walsh.

    Psychology of Colors Series by Christian Stoll

    Psychology of Colors is a series created by Christian Stoll examines the psychological effects of colors.

    Glitch Art Series by Denef Huvaj

    Istanbul-based artist + photographer Denef Huvaj has recently created a series of glitch art images for Oldmagnet.

    Creative Factory Installation by Zim & Zou

    Creative Factory is a handmade installation made out of colored paper for the Children's Workshop by Zim & Zou.

    Apothecary: Label design by Julia Blackburn

    Label design for the House Spirits Distillery's "Apothecary Line" of limited edition boozes by Julia Blackburn.

    3-D Artworks from Paint swatches by Peter Combe

    Peter Combe creates large 3-dimensional portraits and imagery from household paint swatches.

    Black Sheep by Hideaki Hamada for Kinfolk

    Hideaki Hamada has taken the opening photos of Kinfolk issue 13 for the photo essay Going Against The Grain.

    Ello Identity + Website by Berger & F÷hr

    New Simple, beautiful & ad-free social network Ello's identity and website is designed by Berger & F÷hr.
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