Stop Making Stupid People Famous

    Stop Making Stupid People Famous series by street artist Plastic Jesus.

    BOOKMAN x DNS - Canadian Bike Gang

    BOOKMAN partners up with the Deadly Nightshades, a Canadian all-girl bike gang to give you the brightest colour scheme!

    Street Art: Hollywood's Best Kept Secret

    Hollywood's Best Kept Secret by street artist Plastic Jesus.

    Contemporary Realist Still Life Paintings

    Robert's still life paintings are so fresh, warm, friendly, playful and delightful on the surface.

    Street Art: LUX by Lonac

    Croatian street artist Lonac, and his latest work called LUX.

    Video: Garden City Movement - Move On

    Garden City Movement's new video for their old track "Move On", directed by Michael Moshonov and Lael Utnik.

    Huge Mural Drawn with Sharpie

    Amazing Wall-Sized Mural Grand Pale Maw drawn with a black Sharpie by Sean Sullivan.

    Computer History Museum: Microsoft

    Computer History Museum and Microsoft makes historic MS-DOS and WORD for Windows source code available to the public.

    This Is a Generic Brand Video

    Every single advertising cliché in one hilarious and smart video by stock video provider Dissolve.

    Newspaper Design by Romain Roger

    Clean and beautiful design for Samsung Premium House Newspaper by Paris based designer Romain Roger.