LOLO The Capsular Microkitchen by Aotta

    Aotta studio has developed a project of a moveable capsular microkitchen/bar for home, office and hotel use.

    Floppy Disk Sticky Note

    A pack of 3 sticky note pads, perfectly replicating the original 3.5" floppy disks of the 80's and 90's.

    Retrowave 80s Style Animation by Florian Renner

    Retrowave is a short 80s style promo animation created by Florian Renner in Cinema 4d.

    Fashion illustrations by Esra Rĝise

    Esra Rĝise is a Norwegian illustrator based in Oslo, doing editorial and commercial work, with roots in fashion illustration.

    The World’s Largest Candy Carpet by Craig & Karl

    Craig & Karl team up with Hong Kong-based AllRightsReserved to sweeten up the streets with the world’s largest candy carpet.

    Monodramatic Series by Daisuke Takakura

    Series of photos by Tokyo-based Japanese artist Daisuke Takakura showcasing cloned models in a single frame.

    Chinatown Series by Mehmet Gozetlik

    Chinatown is a series of artworks showcasing 20 well-known western brand logos in Chinese translation.

    Book Art: Mixed-media Watercolors on old books

    Russian-born artist Ekaterina Panikanova and her mixed-media watercolors on aged books.

    Dreamlike Watercolors by Elicia Edijanto

    Elicia Edijanto captures unique connection between animals and children using only black and white watercolours.

    Underwater Paintings by Samantha French

    Water-inspired scenes and underwater paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Samantha French.
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