Tribal Reebok Pump Blacktop Battleground

    Reebok Classics is getting ready to launch a new design for the Pump Blacktop Battleground featuring new colors and tribal patterns.

    Wakka Key Holder by Timbre

    Wakka is a key ring which produces a brisk sound "Tat". The sound talks to you "Take care" - "How was your day?

    Human/Nature by Umit Koseoglu

    Human/Nature is a digital artwork inspired by the Icelandic landscape, explores the fragile relationship between humanity and the natural...

    Drawings on Gitanes Cigarette Packs

    French artist Léo Dorfner and his mixed-media artwork "Smoke Signals" inside the Gitanes Cigarette Packs.

    Photography-Painting Mix by Flora Borsi

    Flora Borsi launched her new series called "IRÉEL", featuring mix of photographic elements with painting techniques.

    Sleeping Children on Grass by Ella & Pitr

    Large-Scale Sleeping Children drawing on grass by French street art duo Ella & Pitr in Abrantes, Portugal.

    LEGO Lettered Wall Mural at Dropbox

    Gigantic lettered wall mural out of over 7,600 Lego pieces at Dropbox HQ.

    Tumblr: Coffee Cups of the World

    Coffee Cups of the World is a blog curated by Henry Hargreaves of the best to-go coffee cups from cafes all over the world.

    Paper Airplanes for Retail Window Display

    A polar array of over 600 paper airplanes within a storefront window display for the fashion brand Etienne Aigner in Soho, NYC.

    Sculpture-photographic Illustrations

    Sculpture-photographic illustrations and pictures by Toronto based artist Hudson Christie.
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