Figurative Oil Paintings by Henrik Uldalen

    Henrik explores the dark sides of life, nihilism, existentialism, longing and loneliness, juxtaposed with fragile beauty.

    Public Gothic Font Family

    Industrial, vintage, condensed, and bold font family Public Gothic designed by Mehmet Gözetlik.

    Paper Art Installation by Victoria Bee

    A little treat for You / Une petite gâterie pour Vous is a delicious new installation by Victoria Bee.

    Starbucks Cup Art Series by Soo Min Kim

    Soo Min Kim is an artist from Seoul, South Korea who creates series of Starbucks cup artworks.

    Breaking Bad illustrated by Ralph Steadman

    Ralph Steadman has created limited edition Blu-ray cases for all five seasons of Breaking Bad.

    Large Ink Drawings by Elena Tsigaridou

    Elena Tsigaridou produces large ink drawings often incorporated with string imbued with delicate observation and romantic lyricism.

    Demonstration: Bikes in the form of Cars

    The Latvian cyclist went to work on bicycles, but have equipped their “bikes” in the form of cars.

    Hand-Painted Sculptures by Plastic Cell

    Custom hand-painted sculptures by Plastic Cell - two brothers from Orange County, California.

    Acrylic Meals by Cristina Quattrociocchi

    Toronto-based art director Cristina Quattrociocchi loves to play with colours and create eye-catching images.

    Visual identity design for Mae Engelgeer

    Visual Identity developed by Aleks Pietrzykowska for Mae Engelgeer, textile designer based in Amsterdam.
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