Pantone Kitchen / Home Appliances

    Innovative home appliances collection: The White Goods Era is over! Make way for Pantone Universe. Self made project by Antonio Lanzillo ...

    Public Gothic Font Family

    Industrial, vintage, condensed, and bold font family Public Gothic designed by Mehmet Gözetlik.

    Chamo San

    Chamo is from Barcelona. He is a very talented drawer and photographer, but he loves every field in the Art world.

    Marta Penter

    Marta has a contemporary realistic language which explores the domains of collective unconscious through images of personal antique objec...

    Viktoria Stutz

    Viktoria is photographer based in Dortmund, Germany. She is specialized on beauty, hair and cosmetic photography!

    Buyers, Sellers and Dealers

    Buyers, Sellers and Dealers documents the rich tapestry of human life known as a garage sale. It illustrates a transition from object to ...

    Rene Fietzek - fragmentary

    Berlin based photographer Rene Fietzek updates his portfolia with a new serie called fragmentary! Check it out!

    Drive - Graphic Design

    Clémentine Berry is a young and talented graphic designer based in Paris, France. Guess who designed the Drive's record?

    Bianca Chang

    Bianca Chang is a young designer and paper artist based in Sydney, Australia.

    Charlotte Caron

    Involving the humanization of animals, and animalizing humans, by French artist, Charlotte Caron.
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