Sean DuFrene

    Sean is a talented photographer with a colorful portfolio. Check him out closely!

    Wakka Key Holder by Timbre

    Wakka is a key ring which produces a brisk sound "Tat". The sound talks to you "Take care" - "How was your day?

    Rosario Florio

    Rosario is a graphic designer based in St.Gallen, Switzerland, working on several self initiated, personal as well as commissioned projects!

    Mark Wagner

    Artist, writer, publisher, etcetera... Wagner's work is collected by dozens of institutions! Check him out.

    Sliced Bread Notebook

    Taking notes can be super delicious, by using the Sliced Bread Notebook. A set of 12 notepads all packaged together to look like a loaf o...

    London Underground Tube Map

    Zone One of the London Underground map made from drinking straws.

    Ira Upin

    Ira Upin is a talented artist who is interested in human dynamics whether they be social, political, or emotional. Check out his paintings!


    Motherbird is a creative outfit based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2009 by designers; Jack Mussett, Chris Murphy & Dan Evans!

    Samantha French

    Samantha's current body of work is focused on swimmers underwater and above. If you are interested, she has an Etsy Store!


    is fascinated with: graphic design, typography, interior and product design - manufactures great product experiences for great people.
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