Hilariously Clever Drawings by HuskMitNavn

    Danish artist HuskMitNavn from Copenhagen has been creating hilariously clever and creative drawings every day.

    Floppy Disk Sticky Note

    A pack of 3 sticky note pads, perfectly replicating the original 3.5" floppy disks of the 80's and 90's.

    Pull&Bear Custom Vans Painted by 4 Artists

    Pull&Bear contacted four international artists with a challenge – to unleash their creativity using the bodywork of four vans.

    Victor Nunes 3D Face Portraits

    São Paulo-based illustrator Victor Nunes has created some new 3D face portraits from pencil caps, popcorn, rubber bands and more.

    Funny Coffee Cup Character Design by MDI

    Funny coffee cup character design by UK-based animation production studio MDI.

    Drawings on matchbook from Google Maps

    Krista Charles from Albuquerque, NM, creates graphite drawings on matchbooks based on Google Street View images.

    The Sound Poster - Analogue Installation

    The Sound Poster is a series of experiments by Trapped in Suburbia to mix digital with analog techniques.

    Hand knitted Portraits by Solène Lebon-Couturier

    Paris-based French knitter Solène Lebon-Couturier creates hand knitted portraits and illustrations.

    Wax Nostalgic Carved Crayons by Hoang Tran

    Wax Nostalgic features the artwork of Hoang Tran who specializes in carving everyday crayons into works of art.

    Business Card City by El Turco Digital

    Istanbul-based creative studio El Turco Digital has built up a paper city made out of 5000 business cards.
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