Graffiti Spray-Paint on Cellophane by SAN

    Graffiti spray-painting on cellophane by Colombian street artist SAN.

    Public Gothic Font Family

    Industrial, vintage, condensed, and bold font family Public Gothic designed by Mehmet G÷zetlik.

    Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Belen Diz Juncal

    Realistic drawing and portraiture by artist BelÚn Diz Juncal with Bic ballpoint pen.

    Sierra Nevada Chalk Mural by Ben Johnston

    Toronto-based designer Ben Johnston created a mural for the new Sierra Nevada brewery in Asheville, North Carolina.

    Sculptures out of Cable Zip Ties by Sui Park

    Brooklyn-based artist Sui Park creates three-dimensional sculptures out of cable zip ties.

    Drawing Amsterdam with a Cargo Bike

    Drawing Amsterdam with cargo bike by Montreal-based artist Franšois Xavier Saint Georges.

    Extraordinary Artist: Sebastian Errazuriz

    Chilean born, New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz, and his genius works including, public art, functional sculptures a...

    OVERLOOK: Woodcut Key Block Drawing by Tugboat

    OVERLOOK is an impressive woodcut key block drawing created by Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth aka Tugboat Printshop.

    Girls in tubs on tub-like girls by Maria Tiurina

    A quick A3 format water-colour painting by London-based artist Maria Tiurina. Girls in tubs on tub-like girls.

    Paramodelic-graffiti using Toy Rail Tracks

    Created using toy rail tracks and other materials, paramodelic-graffiti is a site-specific installation by Paramodel.
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