String Art with Graphics by San Pierre

    London-based artist San Pierre creates remarkable string pattern artworks combined with graphics.

    Public Gothic Font Family

    Industrial, vintage, condensed, and bold font family Public Gothic designed by Mehmet Gözetlik.

    Shadow of Knives Metal Sculptures by Li Hongbo

    Series of metal sculpture and installation works titled Shadow of Knives by the hot Beijing-based artist Li Hongbo.

    Rasterize Illustrations by Sara Andreasson

    Talented illustrator and designer Sara Andreasson based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Mixed Media on Paper by Thomas Schostok

    Thomas Schostok aka {ths}, known for his uncompromising graphic works, full of powerful, brutal and dirty aesthetics.

    Surreal Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Virginia Mori

    Dark and surreal illustrations with black ballpoint pen by Italian artist Virginia Mori.

    Threaded Magazine Covers by Inge Jacobsen

    Magazine’s has been turned into work of art through Inge Jacobsen's cross-stitched cover creations.

    Paintings by Santiago Salvador Ascui

    Magnificent paintings by talented Chilean artist Santiago Salvador Ascui.

    Artworks made of Packing Tape by Max Zorn

    Amsterdam-based artist Max Zorn and his amazing artworks made of brown packing tape on acrylic glass.

    Geometric Color-fields by Lui Ferreyra

    Lui Ferreyra has developed a technique which implements geometric fragments that coalesce into complex color-fields.
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