Librottiglia: Book Wine Labels by Reverse Innovation

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Created by Reverse Innovation in partnership with the Matteo Correggia winery, Librottiglia is where great wine and literary pleasure meet. The name comes from the union of two Italian words: libro (book) and bottiglia (bottle). The characteristics of every product are matched to a narrative genre to create an experience based on the perfect balance of the sensory impressions of the wine and the scenarios imagined in the stories. Three authors have contributed to this limited collection of exciting stories that accompany the wine selection.

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The Making of Librottiglia

The range is distinguished by its original “label book”: a small, elegant book that serves as the front label of the bottle. Each story is illustrated with an intriguing image and attached to the bottle with a delicate cord. The cord converts the opening and closing of the book into a ritual and establishes a “common thread” that strengthens the identity of the coordinated product line. Textured paper stock used to enhance the sensual, tactile aspect of the experience.